VBS Group

Dr. Beate Egner is the founder of the VBS GmbH. 

VBS GmbH is a producer and distributor of veterinary medicine media and continuing education courses specifically focusing on the fields of rehabilitation and physiotherapy as well as cardiovascular diagnosis, monitoring and conditioning.

VBS GmbH falls under the umbrella of VBS Group and specializes in three specific areas

. Veterinary specialized literature
. Consultation
. Seminars

VBS Group

Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Sportsmedicine in Animals
Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine have been incorporated into veterinary medicine for many years. Their importance is increasingly recognized in orthopedics and neurology as well as in the training of canine athletes and working dogs. It has expanded as a viable treatment option for specific canine diseases including obesity, endocrine disease and heart disease. Thoroughly understanding the animal's underlying disease or condition, highly educated specialists evaluate the patient, set up an effective treatment plan and successfully treat the patient.



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Specialized veterinary literature - applicable to daily practice
Our specialist literature is very relevant in everyday practice.