cryotherapy and thermotherapy
an effective and natural solution
for the health and well-being of our animals



Derived from techniques used in humans, the benefits and benefits of thermotherapy and cryotherapy are proven.



Thermotherapy creates a vasodilation of the blood vessels, which has the effect of better nourishing the tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Pain is decreased by the use of heat through stimulating sensory receptors. Natural and without any side effects, the diffused heat quickly reduces rigidity by loosening the muscles, which promotes well-being.




Cold, on the other hand, is locally responsible for vasoconstriction with a decrease in the supply of blood to the site of the lesion and a slowing of the metabolism, hence an anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect. The cold also has an analgesic action by slowing down the nerve conduction.

The brown flax seed from organic farming has the tremendous ability to capture heat or cold.

Composed of 40% oil, the seed can restore a significant temperature for more than 40 minutes

MODELS adapted to each situation



Calinobio products promote recovery for your pet through hot or cold action. They bring a real benefit to your dog or cat in the event of dysplasias, arthritis, arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, back pain and stress. Regardless of the therapeutic action, Calinobio products also bring deep well-being and comfort to your pets. Calinobio used hot or cold depending on the season promotes relaxation, recovery and rest for your dog or cat.



Dogs, Cats, New Pets


Thermotherapy, application of heat


  • Relaxes the muscular, tendinous and ligamentary fibers before surgery (veterinarian, center of physiotherapy), or a therapeutic massage (osteopath,  physiotherapist).

  • Relieves ligaments following an orthopaedic intervention to enhance recovery (veterinarian, center of physiotherapy).

  • Protects against muscular weakness of certain animals prior to surgery (veterinarian, center of physiotherapy). 

  • Protects against the secondary hypothermia during prolonged surgical procedures or on very small patients and when awakening in post-operative cage.

  • Protects against the secondary hypothermia of sick animals or in extreme weakness who are not able to re-establish their thermoregulation (particular, breeder).  

  • Protects against primary hypothermia in winter (the latter is defined as animal subjected to a cold environment, but capable of heat production to normalize itself).  Indicated for animals possessing little peripheral fats (Dane, Greyhound, Poodle) or small animals (private individual, breeder).

  • Warms newborns  during lactation (breeder, private individual).

  • Relieves degenerative osteoarthritis, dorsodynia, dysplasie, and rheumatisms... Large breed dogs (Labrador, Golden, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Boxer, Saint Hubert, Ball dog, Wels Corgi), Dachshund, Beagle, Pekinese, Frenchbull-dog, Cocker Spaniel, Shih-Tzu, Cavalier King Charles, old and tired cats, overweight animals, are subject to develop these pathologies, also in period of growth ( 5 to 6 months). Degenerative osteoarthritis affects one or several joints (hips, knees, shoulders, elbows) (private individual, breeder, center of physiotherapy). 

  • Prepares working animals to optimize their strength and endurance 

  • Before a sports event, an additional way of physical and psychological preparation, it warms and relaxes the muscular system, and prepares the neuromuscular communication.

  •  After exertion, integrates the process of recovery, and can possibly substitute itself for an active recovery, when it is not possible (because of wounds or exhaustion). It has the effect of relaxing muscles and of stimulating the lymphatic flow and blood circulation, eliminating toxins produced during exertion, such as lactic acid and other cellular waste. It allows a faster recovery, and reduces pain. 

  • Between big events, regular use heals wounds and minor injuries due to the over-exertion· This way, we avoid insidious wounds that hamper performance (private individual, breeder) 

  • · Optimizes effect of gels and creams 


Cryotherapie, application of cold

  • Indicated in initial treatment of traumas with oedemas, bruises, muscular cramps (spasms, tears, tendinitis, sprains) between 48 and 72 hours after trauma. Benefit is obtained by treatments from 10 to 30 minutes, 2 - 4 times a day (veterinarian, private individual, breeder, center of physiotherapy) 

  • Prevents tendinitis after sessions of intense exercises (private individual, breeder, center of physiotherapy) 

  • Protects against hyperthermia (or still called, blow of heat). The brachycephalic breeds (Boxers, Pugs, Pekinese, Bulldogs and Mastiffs) appear at the top of the list of candidates for the hyperthermia

  • Also, obesity, age, over-driven dogs favor hyperthermia. The use of the cold pad in cages and bags of transport will limit overheating in summer (private individual, breeder) 

  • Handles muscular inflammations of small-sized breeds (Chihuahua, York, Bichon ..) which are excitable and thus predisposed to muscular inflammations (private individual, breeder, center of physiotherapy)



By the action of hot or cold, Calinobio products, adapted to the morphology of horses, allow faster recovery and this naturally, on pathologies such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, sprains, back pain , aches, stress or fatigue. Padd Calinobio also provides deep well-being and comfort to horses. Calinobio products used hot or cold depending on the season promote relaxation, recovery and rest for your horses.




For horses

Thermotherapy, application of heat


  • Relaxes muscular, tendinous and ligamentous fibers before surgery (veterinarian, center of physiotherapy), before a therapeutic massage (osteopath, center of physiotherapy)

  • Relieves ligaments after orthopaedic intervention to enhance recovery (veterinarian, center of physiotherapy)

  • Relieves degenerative osteoarthritis, dorsodynias (pain in the sacrum), and rheumatisms... Back pains to the horse are numerous and of varied origins. Certain causes of dorsodynias are connected to the saddle which can be poorly adapted to the morphology of the horse, poorly positioned, poorly girthed or defective.  The saddle can cause handicapping afflictions, as can the added weight and/or equestrian expertise of the rider (breeder, center of physiotherapy)

  • Prepares the horse for exertion by increasing its strengths and its endurance: relieves pain (fatigue of the back, muscular knots) / Stimulates the nervous system as well as blood and lymphatic circulation / Fights against immobilization / Increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles / Eliminates muscular tensions / Improves articular amplitude (rider, breeder)

  • After workouts, enhances blood drainage and limits the clotting / Relaxes the horse / Drains and eliminates toxins and excess fluids / Reduces the risks of wounds / Neutralizes chronic pains
    Optimizes effect of gels, creams, ointments


Cryotherapy, application of cold


  • Indicated in initial treatment of traumas with oedemas, bruises, muscular cramps (spasms, tears, tendinitis, sprains from 24 to 48 hours after trauma. The benefits are obtained by treatments from 10 to 30 minutes, 2 - 4 times a day (veterinarian, rider, breeder, center of physiotherapy)

  • Limits tendon pains after intense workouts (rider, breeder, center of physiotherapy)